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The Philosophy

A Better Life, Simple and Real.


Here at Nelson Nutrition the philosophy is straightforward, live simply to enjoy life through better health. Through my personalized, non-diet approach, my role as your guide is focused on empowering you to make the right food choices that enhance your quality of life through optimal health and better performance.


 My philosophy is based on 3 simple principles



Seek the Truth

Don’t give in to the latest hype/fad and stay focused on what’s simple and real. From your genetics to physiology, root your actions around evidence-based science that fuels your unique body for better performance and quality of life.


Be Dynamic

Stay adaptable to what life throws your way and make your habits sustainable and work for you. From the foods you eat to staying active, find the right balance between structure and flexibility that fuels you through life.


Stay Committed

Don’t let pride get in the way, make the time to do what’s best for your health that allows you to do more of what you love. Step into who you are and become the reliable role model that others look up to.



Through a combination of realistic guidance and science-based truths, you will be motivated to accomplish whatever you commit your mind to.